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Gin as a global phenomenon

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Gin: a long-time love story turned to passion


Gin’s modern look stems from 300 year old ancestry, with its popularity reaching levels unseen since 17th century London.

This podcast provides an overview of gin’s remarkable resurgence into the global phenomenon it is today. We explore a timeline of connected events that spans alchemists in 300 AD, 13th century Benedictine monks, 17th century European warfare, 18th century London as a gin capital, late 18th century and early 19th century gin giants, and the advent of the Internet in the latter part of the 20th century.

There are references to dutch courage, William of Orange seizing control of the British throne and how a series of events led to a city awash with gin, and how its sad and awful social consequences led to the origin of the term mother’s ruin.


Health benefits to drinking Gin?


There is another timeline of events which explores the health benefits of gin consumption including the collection of herbal tinctures developed by 13th century Dutch enthusiasts, British Navy practices to ward off scurvy, delivering quinine to British soldiers stationed in India, via gin and tonic as a defense against malaria, and a recent publication that provides some hope for hay fever sufferers who may need help choosing the best tipple.


Build on heritage to produce a legacy


The podcast rounds out by considering a lineup of the world’s most enduring gin brands and how some of today’s modern expressions are built on heritage to produce a legacy for generations to come. The original ginnovators at Greenalls, Plymouth, Gordon’s, Tanqueray and Beefeater would no doubt be delighted to see how the gin world has changed for the better.


Be bold. Enjoy yourselves. Let’s create the next gin narrative.


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