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Still Magic

Still Magic: A gin distiller’s guide for beginners

If you love gin and want to know how to make it, let me show you how. Gin is still as magical today as it ever was.

Inexperience is no barrier to success; no one –myself included –ever started Day 1 as a gin maker!

You will learn about relevant gin techniques that have stood the test of time, and the part they play in today’s global resurgence.

Still Magic will transport you back in time to the heady days of early gin making. This will help you understand and apply first principles. You will learn about botanicals, bases and blending; the 3Bs of gin making used by seventeenth-century gin makers in London, gin’s spiritual home.

You will then learn about decision making, investigation, sampling, testing, improvements and launching; the D.I.S.T.I.L process. This process represents the major technological step-change that drove gin production and consumption to unprecedented levels in eighteenth-century London. And now, in this modern world of sociability and real-time connectedness, this legacy is within reach.

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Book Reviews

Insightful knowledge on how to make great tasting Gin

This book covers in detail a structured approach to making great tasting gins. The book is strong in suggestions for getting your botanical combinations balanced and a good base to build from which is advice we really wanted. As a new distillery we are always being asked for a new gin and this has been a very helpful in suggesting the right approach.”

Mrs KE McDougall

Amazon Review

Best distilling book I’ve seen!

This a great paperback on the art of distilling written by an expert in a very easy to read and understand way. It is full of explanations, tips and guidance that is essential to understand what makes a good gin and how to progress your botanical balance. Brilliant book”

Rob wallbank

Amazon Review

Excellent book on gin, making your own gin and applicable to creating many other products

The author gives great background on the different gins and how they are made and then gives a step by step guide on how to create your own recipes. His focus on the basics, the key principles, how to establish and record your recipe creation and how to evaluate your creations is not only applicable to gin but to any other alcohol, baking, fermenting, well just about anything creative!”

Rick T

Amazon Review